Beata Moreno, PT:  Holistic Physical Therapy

Holistic Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Bring Back the Joy and Ease Into Movement and Living!

Beata Moreno believes in the principle that each human body has an innate wisdom, and that each human being has the potential for health and happiness through the understanding of their own bodies and the use of holistic physical therapy practices.

As humans, we are comprised of not only our physical DNA, but also of our emotional, mental, and spiritual states-of-being.

When we are healthy and happy, it is an indication that all of these components are in harmony.

When we experience “dis –ease” (pain, poor posture, fatigue or illness) however, it is often because the body is “speaking” for the subconscious - alerting us that there is a disharmony, or misalignment, within ourselves. Through physical therapy and holistic healing many of the body’s ailments can be corrected without the use of expensive medications that often have serious side effects.

It is Beata Moreno's mission to facilitate a deeper understanding of what your body is “saying”, to bring illumination from your inner wisdom and resources, to bring Joy and Ease into your Movement and Living.

"Beata’s knowledge of healing at a deeper level combined with her compassionate ways have led me on a journey toward wholeness on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level..."
- Anne