Beata Alexander-Moreno, pt



In April 2009, I started treatment with Beata on recommendation from my chiropractor and massage therapist. At that time, I needed help with my head---mental acuity and pain and in addition, with body stability. I had a torque in my spine and my left knee would give out causing me to fall. 

During her treatments, she found areas of tension that she released with cranial sacral therapy—both hands on and with micro current. Plus, she would successfully integrate my body and head. 

Then in February 2012, I suffered a severe concussion, broken clavicle and jammed hand from a head-first fall down a stairwell, the second such fall within a year. After I returned from the hospital, Beata brought her machine to my house and diligently worked on my brain to help restore its function. She continued this treatment both at my home and later in her clinic. She gently and “magically” restored my range of motion and steadiness.

Now two years after that trauma, the pain and tension have subsided. My brain is clearer, and my memory and balance have improved. Being more alert, I have become more active and productive. Beata's insights and calm personality contribute to a healing environment. I have been extremely fortunate to have her on my committee of health providers. I continue to see Beata to support my well being.
- M.H. Portland

I was first interested in seeing Beata because I was experiencing painful eczema, low back pain and general feelings of malaise. I wanted to see someone who had a large toolbox of modalities at her disposal to treat me holistically. By the time I was able to see her, however, I had become pregnant, so my main focus at that point was to help ease morning sickness and then later in the pregnancy, to help with the aches and pains that were more intense with the pregnancy's progression. 

Around my daughter's due date, I knew that I needed to see Beata one last time before the delivery to ensure that my pelvis was as open as it could be. She arranged her schedule for a special visit outside of her normal operating hours, not knowing when I'd be going into labor. Our session that evening was very special and intuitive, dealing with putting aside old patterns to make way for a new kind of birth experience. 

I had Vesper one and a half days later without medication, with just 6.5 hours of labor. It was a healing experience for my husband and I, who had had our first daughter in an emergency c-section. 

I'm most delighted in Beata's intuitive work with me. We've been using kinesiology, cranial-sacral work, and mudras to release old ancestral patterns that have me go back into old patterns of movement. The work here is to transform how my muscles hold my spine so I can find permanent relief from my chronic back pains. 

I always come away from my sessions with Beata not only feeling pain relief, but I also feel lighter, aligned, and enlightened.

- C.J. Portland

Writing about Beata is difficult, because it is impossible to fully express my gratitude to someone who facilitated a healing that allowed me to "get my life back," so to speak, after I had given up hope of ever again living without constant, chronic, widespread pain and limitation. I now hope that my experience may encourage those of you who have lost a belief in the possibility of healing and convince someone, who is living in pain, not to give up. 

In the 5-years, preceding my first visit with Beata, I had several cervical spine surgeries, one of which was required to save a severely compressed spinal cord from causing inevitable paralysis. I had a titanium plate in my neck that had failed to fuse, and almost no mobility in my shoulders, which (according to my orthopedist) would likely require a surgical solution. I tried various traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing. I went to pain clinics, got injections, worked with traditional physical therapists (some of whom only made matters worse), and took hard-hitting pain medication to get through the day (and night). I remember going to a compassionate acupuncturist, when my neuropathic symptoms had reached an all time high, including burning, stabbing and tingling pain, and he just shook his head saying, "such a shame, and so young." I know this sounds bleak, and my MRI results would support that conclusion, but an opening for change was in the works. 

I discovered an excellent physical therapist, who had herself experienced a profound healing under Beata's care. She made me promise that I wouldn't give up before seeing Beata, so I made an appointment. During my first few visits, I cried and cried and cried. I thought my life was over and I had a 4-year-old child to raise. But, Beata had faith in my potential to heal, even when I had lost my own. The first thing that was different about her was the way Beata tested my own body's flow of energy (for lack of better terminology), and identified its blocks and needs for healing so that my treatment was tailored to my personal situation. Because she followed the flow of my own healing requirements, the treatment was dynamic and the modality changed, based on what was appropriate at the time. As much as I went into treatment basing my ideas about healing on what my MRI's, X-rays and all the objective data suggested (and of course Beata considered this as well), what surprised me most was the way that healing, the means of it, became a profound mystery. I thought I had so many answers. I had worked in related medical and psychological counseling fields and I was familiar with energetic and spiritual healing. Yet, I am still in awe of the way Beata facilitated healing, at multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even generational. 

My treatment included kinesiology, cranial fluid dynamics, micro current, manual therapies, and various other techniques. Some blocks to healing required that observations and insights be talked through and understood, so that I could move beyond them, and at other times silence was the key. As much as I tend to be a cerebral person, who likes to analyze and organize information to fit neatly into an existing model of understanding, my healing journey with Beata took me beyond my own limited perspective into a larger realm where profound healing was possible. 

Much of my healing can be measured against objective standards. I now have a successful fusion in my neck. If you're not familiar with fusions, it becomes very unlikely, almost 2-years after surgery, to get a solid fusion, which is needed to stabilize the spine. I also have close to full-range of motion in my arms; measurably increased/good mobility in my neck; the absence of pain and the subsequent absence of a need for pain medication; and most remarkably, the lack of neuropathic symptoms and neuropathic pain, which had been the most difficult to endure. I now live a full life. I hike, I dance, I travel, I care for my child, I even love cleaning my own house! 

In my case, it was essential to not only address and treat very complex physical/anatomical issues, which demanded an extremely competent and skilled practitioner, in a traditional sense, but to also identify blocks that seemed to have impeded my healing, which existed on other levels of being. Other aspects of my healing are personal and may not resemble the requirements of someone else's healing, which is why it was so important to find someone who would tailor my healing to my own unique needs and circumstances. 

I am so grateful to have had Beata to help me navigate my way through a transformational healing journey. I have a second chance at life, which I am making the most of it!

- C.M. Portland

Has it ever been difficult for you to “stomach” a situation? Have you ever heard yourself saying (or thinking) “that person is a pain in my neck!” Or, wishing that you had “the heart” to say something that's been on your mind? Have you ever wished you “had the guts” to do something you've been dreaming of? Our language references the fact that our emotions and bodies are connected, and yet most of us go about our lives oblivious to this . . . until . . . we get sick, or injured. 

I had a pain in my neck that was incredibly painful. There was no accident, or moment of injury, I just woke up one day and my neck was out. And it stayed out – despite chiropractors, and a very skilled physical therapist. Sure, they figured out I had a leg length difference, and one pelvic bone smaller than the other, but despite all treatment (including a ¾ inch lift in my shoe) my neck would just not stay in alignment. 

After several months of very little progress, the physical therapist I was seeing referred me to Beata. “This might be an emotional issue . . .” he offered gently. (And had I not been in so much pain, and desperate for help, I might have been offended.) “This is who I see when I get stuck and need some help,” my physical therapist said. “I think she can help you, too.” And he was right. 

I have come to believe that our bodies reflect our thoughts and emotions – and that my body was just “talking” (and talking, and talking!) to me until, with Beata's assistance, I became quiet and listened. Beata's kinesiology treatments have helped guide me into entering a more trusting and communicative relationship between my body and my feelings. See, I had been turning away from myself; my gifts, my life's purpose, and investing in a relationship that was not truly supporting my life. And though my mind was ignoring these things, my body could not. 

I am so grateful for the physical and emotional strength, flexibility, and awareness that Beata's work has brought to my life. I am truly blessed!

- Jennifer Skyler

After 10 years of jaw pain I just assumed it was something I was just going to have to live with. It was at its worst when I was 17, at which point I could only open my mouth 60% of the way and was in serious pain all day. Since then I have seen an Osteopath, who got it to a "manageable" level, and several chiropractors that had little impact. I had never thought to see a physical therapist for TMJ, but when I heard another person talk about how Beata had cured their TMJ I made an appointment immediately. Within the first session I saw a huge decrease in my jaw pain and by the end of the third session I had full mobility of my jaw back. I cannot explain how amazing it is to be rid of a "condition" after 10 years of living with it. Thank you Beata! 

- Brieanna

Beata's knowledge of healing at a deeper level combined with her compassionate ways have led me on a journey toward wholeness on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. 

I first consulted Beata 3 years ago because of some knee and hip issues. Slowly and skillfully she has helped me peel back the layers of the onion that are me. I have learned to recognize and release long-held beliefs that are so much a part of me that they have imbedded themselves in my physical being. 

Through working with Beata, my overall alignment is much better, my long-standing hip issue is nearly resolved, and my vision has improved. My emotional health has improved as well. I have learned to recognize that beliefs that have held me in emotionally painful states. Beata has also helped me work with some diagnoses that I would not previously have thought of bringing to a physical therapist. 

Beata has been a blessing to me. 

- Anne

Beata Moreno is an amazing healer. I had chronic pain and discomfort in my left shoulder for many years. I tried routine chiropractic adjustments which offered temporary relief, but the symptoms always returned. After one session with Beata I better understood what my body (and specifically my shoulder pain) was trying to tell me. Beata's approach to holistic physical therapy balances the science of conventional physical therapy with her intuition and her gifts as a healer. Thanks to her approach, my shoulder symptoms subsided. I highly recommend Beata to my friends and clients.

- Tara Herrick, M.S.

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