Beata Alexander-Moreno, pt

About Beata

Beata has been a practicing physical therapist since 1982 and has had a holistic private practice in Portland, OR since 2000.  Although she has extensive training in many modalities, her practice primarily focuses on modalities that work with body-mind- spirit connection.
Currently, Beata uses her skills as a practitioner of Cranial Fluid Dynamics/Cranial Sacral Therapy, Inner Dialogue Kinesiology, and NeuroEmotional Technique to promote harmony between our emotional, mental and spiritual states which impact our posture, gait and general physical well-being. She is a certified teacher for AdHumanitas and has taught Cranial Fluid Dynamics in both the US and Europe.  
As of November 2016, Spain will be her primary residence and in 2017, she will return to Portland, OR to teach and treat 3-4x per year.