Beata Alexander-Moreno, pt

Beata's Schedule

Beata will work in Portland Mid July to early August as well as Mid October to early November.  

[If when you look at the schedule, there is not a time available for you, please let Beata know and she will do her best to make space for you with some advanced notice or add you to a cancellation list.   If you are not already on her electronic mailing list, send her a message to be added so that you will receive her announcements of events]  If you are a new client, please state this in the message to Beata when requesting an appointment along with the reason you are requesting an appointment.

Use the form below to schedule an appointment.

Refer to the calendar on the right.  If you want to schedule an appointment or want to know what future appointment times are available the next time Beata is in town, please email her.  On the calendar, times listed as "busy" are already filled.

When you know what time slot is open, use the form below to schedule it.

Policy and Payments:

Payments are due at the time of service in either cash, check or credit card.  Beata will provide you with a receipt upon request at the time of service to submit to your insurance company or for tax reasons.

Initial Evaluations and Re-evaluations:  $160.00

Follow up visits:  $135.00

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